Biology teacher by day, photographer/videographer by weekend!

Hi!  I'm Simon, and welcome to my website!  While I much prefer to have a chat over coffee, here's a little about me while you're here!  So I work full time as a Biology teacher at the secondary school I went to as a pupil.  It fills me with great pride that I'm able to give back to the school that gave me such a good start in life.  While teaching is exhausting at times and hard work, I absolutely love seeing what each day is going to bring.  There is no better feeling than when you realise you've had a positive impact on a pupil's life, be it through exams or my fantastic pearls of wisdom!!  Ha!

Outside of teaching, I love exercise, but also love food...slogging away on my stepper or lifting a heavy weight keeps my mind healthy, and I genuinely don't know where I'd be without exercise.  I have my own home gym which is my escape, my way of blocking out any stress and being able to focus purely on me.

Back in 2016, my older brother showed me his drone, and from there, a very expensive seed was planted!!  I started off being really interested in holiday videos on YouTube.  I loved seeing some glorious sun filled views, followed by some water sport action all edited to some tropical house tunes!  It inspired me to make my own travel video - a solo holiday in Croatia.  I felt I did an ok job, but decided to take it further and invest in my first proper DSLR camera.  A few further expensive purchases later, including a move to Sony's mirrorless cameras, I ended up making a video of Aberdeen at night, which went semi "viral" online (at least compared to my usual uploads!!).  From that, I ended up with enquiries for videography work and things have snowballed since then.  I absolutely love seeing the highlight video coming together, telling the story of the couple's day in a way unique to their day.  Hearing how pleased the couple are when their videos are delivered and watched is definitely up there with the highs of the teaching!

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